Pie p@rn

Back in November Ryland and I went away for the weekend for his birthday to a nearby town called Alton. He wanted to take a trip on the ale train there. It’s an old school steam train which takes you around on a trip for about 3 hours to drink local ales. It had one of the carriages converted into a bar full of loads of barrels. Total heaven for Ryland as he loves good old English ale, not so good for me as I can’t stand the stuff. It’s ok I thought I can drink cider. But it turned out they only had one type, fair enough it is an ale train, but I didn’t like that one, in fact it took me the whole trip to finish one pint, pathetic! But we did get some very nice glasses to remind us of our trip.

Ale train glasses

And on the request of Ryland I did make some exceeding lovely pies, now here’s the pie p@rn…

I absolutely love pies, in all shapes and sizes. These ones are made with this recipe from the wonderful Delia Smith. I’ve made them a few times now and I always worry there doesn’t seem enough pastry but they always come out fine in the end. Well worth making for any trips out, or just staying in, they can be eaten anywhere.