Cook book collection

I grew up in a house with loads of books. But more than any other type of books our home was filled with cook books. From my parents youth all the way to mine our shelves were crammed with all sorts of books. They covered lots of different styles and cuisines of cooking and before I finally flew the nest these books had burst out of our book shelves and had grown into piles hidden behind chairs in the lounge. And after my last Christmas at home I even had a pile of them under a coffee table. So I was in love with cook books from a very young age. If I had some spare time and nothing to do then I would pull a load of them out and sit and look through at all the wonderful recipes. Of course we didn’t cook from these books all the time as like most people we had more basic recipes that we would make in the week but then on the weekend it was more likely that we would get them out. I have my own rather large collection now. Some people get addicted to chocolate or alcohol, for me it’s cookery books. I generally prefer the ones with beautiful pictures. Although I can imagine from a recipe list what a dish will look like its just not the same as seeing it on the page.



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